Wired Communications During COVID-19

In accordance with Government instructions around the COVID-19 lockdown, the Wired Communications team will all be working remotely.

Our clients, their messages and news, are incredibly important to us so we will ensure a steady flow of information across our platforms. We are privileged to be well equipped to continue servicing our clients’ needs during this time and we aim to remain as positive and committed as possible throughout this crisis.

Please contact any of the team on contact details below if you need any help at all, at any time:

Karey Evett: ke@wiredcommunications.co.za | 082 789 8932
Lana Martens: lana@wiredcommunications.co.za | 082 458 9916
Tammy Tinline: tammy@wiredcommunications.co.za | 079 506 9811
Meagan Rodriques: meagan@wiredcommunications.co.za | 073 234 4842
Teena Wagner: teena@wiredcommunications.co.za | 076 017 7173

Wired Communications wants to help you. We are set up to assist with any kind of messaging you or your company may be needing during this time so please follow the link find out how we can be of service. www./wiredcommunications.co.za/covid-19-messaging-management/

Meanwhile, let’s work together; let’s stay in; let’s stay well; and let us surely prevail now and in the future.