SOS NPO Brings Water Relief To Those In Need

The team at SOS NPO is working around the clock to install ‘Emergency Hand Washing Stations’ that will be made available to over 110 000 residents in the Wallacedene, Bloekombos and Scottsdene communities in the Western Cape.  These stations will be built onto solid concrete bases and have liquid soap available from separate dispensers.

SOS NPO will be installing 14 x 5000-litre water tanks to the area, which will create jobs for 14 local people who will monitor, manage and sterilize the tanks, to ensure they remain clean, filled with fresh water, and ensure liquid soap supplies are replenished. While the basic guidelines in fighting the spread of COVID19 are to wash your hands frequently with soap and water and to disinfect surfaces as often as possible, communities in townships and informal settlements struggle to stick to them.  With little access to clean water for basic hygiene and sanitation, it is near impossible to abide by the advice given, to prevent COVID-19 infection.

There will be three pilot stations that will be installed, 28 April 2020.

The threat and risk of coronavirus in our informal settlements is real and that we have to make haste so that we don’t find ourselves overwhelmed”. – Water and Sanitation Minister, Lindiwe Sisulu

To achieve this alone is a mammoth task that requires many hands and all the help they can get. Volvo Cars SA has kindly released its fleet of press cars to SOS NPO to expedite the vital working being carried out as urgently as possible.  These cars are helping the SOS NPO operation team and volunteers  get out to these areas safely, to supply essential goods, food items, sanitizers as well as transport materials used in erecting water stations at schools and churches.

The financial implications of running a project like this are complex and, as an NPO, SOS relies on donations to carry out the work that they do.

The Grundfos Foundation, a Danish commercial foundation created by the founder of the Grundfos Group, Poul Due Jensen, the foundation funds sustainable water projects and has pledged over R46m to various emergency initiatives around the globe. SOS NPO is one such beneficiary, which has received a financial donation to assist with the expansion of Grundfos South Africa’s existing engagements in informal settlements with SOS NPO.

Grundfos and SOS have a long standing partnership dating back to 2018 when Cape Town was hit by the water crises. The two entities thus partnered to mitigate the catastrophe by installing water towers to provide non-potable water for car washing and irrigation, and the delivery of water to the six schools in the settlement as well as the HIV clinic.

Kim Nøhr Skibsted, Executive Director of the Grundfos Foundation (PDJF) says: “Ever since the humble beginning in 1944, Grundfos has been going an extra mile to reach out to the vulnerable groups in society. ​The Foundation wishes to inspire Grundfos employees all over the world to make a positive difference in their own and in other people’s lives. The collaboration between Grundfos South Africa and SOS – Save Our Schools is a fine example that the Grundfos Foundation is very proud to support.”

“All the water that will ever be is, right now.” – National Geographic

Please visit for COVID-19 updates.

Please consider a small donation towards the food aid that SOS also have in place during this time of crisis. SOS NPO have teamed up with Shoprite to create a safe way to providing food vouchers to families in need.

For more information on this #Foodaid project as well as the water stations, please visit SOS NPO on their Facebook page.


SOS NPO – Save our Schools’ mission is to improve water equity within communities, primarily focusing on sanitation and hygiene in schools, by providing sustainable water solutions through partnerships with businesses and other organisations.

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The Grundfos Foundation (Poul Due Jensen Foundation) was established in 1975 to ensure and support healthy economic growth and development of the Grundfos Group. The Foundation owns 87.6 % of the shares in Grundfos and fulfils its purpose through exercising active ownership toward Grundfos. The Foundation also donates funds toward philanthropic purposes.

Issued by Wired Communications on behalf of SOS NPO.