Ideally, you should be able to give an “Elevator Pitch” about your work and who you work for and it needs to be authentic, interesting, plausible and even entertaining … or it will surely be boring and your stranger will seek solace elsewhere. The elevator pitch is widely credited to Michael Caruso, while he was editor for Vanity Fair and the phrase was coined because, within the space of an elevator trip, you should be able to quickly and simply define your raison d’être when it comes to your work and what you do. Actually, your elevator pitch can be used to define a lot more: a product, service, and to describe, briefly, what your company is really about.

Here’s the thing, though: every human being has a different motivation and view of his/her workplace. That’s why we are individuals – we all want diverse qualities from our life and work and to express them differently. So how do you harness all that enthusiasm and points of view and emotion and turn it into a powerful message that resonates with everyone? How do you find a statement that is authentic? How do we stop writing a corporate Mission Statement that is meaningless blah blah ‘cut and paste’ speak and get down to the nub of what’s great about your business and then live it, share it and make it work for us?

Wired Communications believes businesses often miss the opportunity to get their messaging right

Can you explain in two compelling sentences or less what your business does and why people want to work with you and for you? Does it reflect accurately the personality of your business and is it far away from a typical mission statement?

If you can’t, we run messaging workshops for companies and entrepreneurs to help them understand and identify who they are, who their staff are and why they come to work every day. It gives expression, excitement and real meaning to businesses and their people alike.

Contact us and we’ll start the easy process of getting you into the lift and well on your elevator journey. A messaging workshop needs take no more than a morning and should involve all the key people in your business. It’s a fun, easy process but the best part is that you will be amazed and delighted by the results and by how much you learn about your business, what you can say about it and by how much enthusiasm about what you do may have been buried. Let’s unearth your messaging potential and give you something really interesting to say!