Hybrid Education In Hout Bay

Deconstructing the classroom and banishing outmoded methods of education.

The Academy Hout Bay uses a blend of distance online learning and experiential on-campus teaching to prepare its students for a rapidly changing world.  The Academy Hout Bay, established in 2015 in Hout Bay, Western Cape, has been helping young people not only to realise their full potential but also to learn critical thinking, adaptability, and independence within a uniquely nurturing and stress-free educational environment.  Founder of the Academy Hout Bay, Daniel Landi says: “Young people today need a whole new set of skills to set them up for life.  Victorian teaching methods are simply not relevant today.”

The Academy Hout Bay is a registered school of Pearson Edexcel, a UK Accreditation Board, and offers International GCSE and International Advanced Subsidiary Level Examinations.  These qualifications are recognised by both international and local universities.  Since it opened, more than 90% of students have gone on to further their education at universities and colleges in South Africa and abroad.

Distance learning has become a feature of everyday life for learners across the globe and parents are becoming more and more aware of educational needs.   The Academy Hout Bay is entrenched in parent-partner relationships so that everyone is better able to make the most of home schooling and that, jointly, the academy and parents may prepare children for life.

The academy believes that students should be excited to go to school.  The teachers are perceived as role models rather than judges of failure or success.  “Happy students learn more”, adds Daniel.  “They want to learn more if they are enjoying the experience of learning.  They become more independent, creative, open-minded, and brave if they are happy in their learning environment.  By finding their own level, they are confident in their decision about what they want to do in life.”

Daniel Landi, who has had over 20 years’ experience in education in South Africa and abroad, had a vision whereby students were able to manage their own learning techniques and decide whether to study online or to opt for face-to-face learning by physically attending classes with other students.  Because the academy is founded upon developing the learner’s sense of their own self-worth and commitment, passing exams is a bi product of this education model. Daniel explains: “Confidence and self-awareness are things that cannot be taught – they can only be discovered by the student.  We help students unlock their own potential and work with them to develop that potential.  Through this system of teaching and learning, the students are well-rounded, mature, and confident.   They are made ready for the work-place too.”

A beautiful campus at The Academy Hout Bay includes, among other features, self-study areas, classrooms for group learning, a kitchenette and snacking area, and abundant nature – all of which help create a stress-free environment that the academy believes is essential for nurturing confident and effective learning.  The ‘flipped classroom’ allows students to have online access to lessons prior to face to face class time.  This enables them to process the content and to be able to synthesize their understanding in collaboration with the teacher.  This is all made possible by the online platform – The AcademyOnline.

Daniel says: “Children at school today need to be able to learn, need less stress and they need to connect with their teachers and fellow learners in conducive surroundings.  They need good teaching that meets their specific needs.”

Online and distance learning support is given through effective virtual learning environments that facilitate both blended learning and accelerated learning, providing synchronous and asynchronous support to learners preparing for International GCSE and International Advanced Subsidiary Level Examinations. The Academy is inspired by the Montessori philosophy at secondary level.

Daniel Landi and his team of highly qualified teaching staff mix passion with a shared vision of taking an ever-increasing number of students on a unique and wonderful journey of discovery and self-success.



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