FAST Congo and GVA sign fiber capacity agreement

27 November 2023:  At the Africa Digital Expo in Kinshasa last week, Fast Congo – a subsidiary of the pan-African operator, Paratus Group, in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) – announced that it has signed a long-term agreement with GVA (Group Vivendi Africa) to provide fiber capacity between Muanda and Kinshasa in the DRC.  This will give GVA the capacity, scalability, and flexibility it needs to service more customers with high-speed and secure internet services.

The contract also gives GVA rights to use and access facilities that are operated and maintained by Fast Congo. GVA requires high-speed and high-capacity bandwidth offered by the fiber route that Fast Congo operates and maintains. This means that GVA can offer high-speed and reliable internet services that are both cost-effective and secure.

Fast Congo was founded by Paratus Group when they were awarded the 15-year government tender to activate the 620-kilometer fiber optic network link between Muanda, on the West Coast, to the DRC capital, Kinshasa.   Managing Director of Fast Congo, Francois-Xavier Kabemba says: “This is a ground-breaking deal and one that will open the way for many more customers of GVA to enjoy high-speed and secure internet connectivity. We are proud to collaborate with one of the DRC’s major internet service providers by supplying GVA with the capacity and infrastructure it needs to further expand and grow its business. The agreement also aligns with our overriding strategy to transform Africa through exceptional digital infrastructure and service.  We look forward to a mutually rewarding business relationship.”

Speaking at the Africa Digital Expo, CEO of GVA, Moktar Tabouri said: “Through our partnership with FAST Congo and Paratus Group, we can not only offer more customers more capacity at a lower cost, but we also have the option to extend these services and links across the globe.  Because we have not had to invest in the fiber infrastructure, our pricing is more competitive, and our offering of internet services is unequalled in the region. These are exciting times not only for our business but also for the telecommunications industry in the DRC.”

Left to Right – Laurent Ntumba, Presi 1 1- Laurent Ntumba, President of ISPA (Internet Service Providers Association – in DRC);  Dominique Migisha, Coordinator of ADN (agency for Digital Development – attached to the President cabinet office);   Christian Katende – President of ARPTC (Regulator Authority for TIC);   François-Xavier Kabemba, MD for FAST CONGO/PARATUS DRC;  Moktar Tabouri, MD for CANAL BOX – GVA RDC;   Jean Luc Mugogwa, Deputy Coordinator of ADN


 About FAST Congo

In March 2022, Paratus Group announced its expansion into the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) when Paratus established Fast Congo.  The new company was formed when Paratus won the government tender to activate the 6320-kilometer fiber optic network link between Muanda, on the West Coast, to DRC capital city, Kinshasa.  FAST Congo was established to deliver, operate, and maintain the network link in an exclusive 15-year license contract.

 About Paratus

Paratus is Africa’s quality network. With an eye on the future, the group’s investment in infrastructure underscores its long-term commitment to transform Africa through exceptional digital infrastructure and customer service. Paratus is managed by a passionate and professional operational team in seven African countries – Angola, Botswana, DRC, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, and Zambia.  The business’s extended network provides a satellite connectivity-focused service in over 35 African countries to a magnitude of customer satellite connections across Africa.  This connects African businesses across the continent and delivers end-to-end service excellence. The group’s footprint extends beyond Africa to international (points of presence) PoPs in Europe, the UK, and the USA.

Born and bred in Africa, Paratus is thinking big as it grows its footprint to deliver Africa’s quality network.  By understanding the unique opportunities that Africa offers businesses and individuals to break boundaries and to connect without limits, Paratus is committed to raising the bar for providing quality connectivity in Africa.

About GVA

GVA, a subsidiary of the Vivendi group, is a telecom operator specializing in the provision of high-speed ​​internet access in Africa. GVA builds, operates, and markets its own fiber optic networks to the home (FTTH – Fiber to the Home) in African metropolitan areas. GVA mobilizes its expertise and the experience of the Vivendi group to connect the greatest number of homes and businesses to optical fiber at the highest level of quality of service.

GVA aspires to become the benchmark player for Very High-Speed ​​Internet in Africa. By investing for the long term, GVA realizes its vision for digital development.

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