Wired Communications Assists Businesses during COVID-19

Wired Communications wants to help you

We all know that Covid-19 is not good for anyone or any business right now.

We need to rally and we have to think differently.
We need to work together.
We need to offer services at knock-down prices in order to help one another.

Wired Communications is offering you the chance to access affordable messaging and release distribution services so that you can get your message out to your target audiences.

We can help you write that message and distribute it.
We can help craft positive messaging for your staff.
We can work online with you to create initiatives that will help you get through this challenging time.

If you just want to issue a press release about how you’re coping with the crisis, we can do this too. Have a look at our PR shop at the following link: www.wiredcommunications.co.za/wired-pr-shop for other options that we can assist with.

Our services will be offered at minimal fees to cover our costs – we want you to stay in business and we do too.

Let’s work together.