Artists Capture Surreal Covid19 Images

South African artists create Lockdown Art Exhibition as a way to comprehend what the Covid19 pandemic means for humanity.

Motivated to create during these surreal and uncertain times, a group of artists from InSitu Art Studio in Woodstock, Cape Town and a collaboration of fellow artists from the broader South African artistic community have come together to share their artworks that express their feelings, thoughts and experiences during the Covid19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown.

It is a poignant collection of work that explores how we attempt to comprehend what this cataclysm means for humanity and it lays a good foundation for future global challenges.

This outpouring of creativity by South Africans is a testament to the power of art as a transformative and ultimately positive endeavour that can be appreciated, enjoyed and preserved for posterity.

As South African artists we were inspired by the 17 artists in New York who did something similar (from their apartment windows) and we challenge/invite other artists from cities around the world to do the same.

For more information visit Lockdown Art or for an interview and follow up questions should you want more information on this topical positive artistic endeavour, please contact Di Burger on:

082 425 9303 or email:

*cover image artist: Douglas Gimberg