Opportunity For Local Artists To Go Public

Are you a budding street artist ready to take to the streets?

If you have a calling as an artist to produce public art and want exposure and admiration for your art, BAZ-ART is inviting local artists to participate in the biggest street art festival in Africa. The third International Public Art Festival [IPAF] takes place from 9-17 February 2019 on public walls around Salt River and gathers local and international street artists to create public murals.  IPAF is calling for more local public artists to embrace this year’s theme and benefit from all the public attention that this festival will attract.

The theme for IPAF 2019 is GENERATION NEXT: EDUCATE, COLLABORATE, EMPOWER. It represents a renewed focus on the future and the responsibility of present and successive generations to create a better world for all. Each year, the festival is centered around a specific theme which aims to provoke thought and create dialogue on issues that we currently facing as a nation and beyond.

How to apply:

Simply email melissa@baz-art.co.za  by no later than the 15th of December 2018 with the following:

  • A Bio [personal background, experience, style, previous achievements, and your “motivation for participating in IPAF 2019”]
  • 5+ reference pictures of your work
  • Profile picture
  • Copy of ID
  • Social Media links / website (if applicable)

NB:  To qualify, participants must be South African or have been resident in SA country for at least 5 years.

IPAF exists to:

  1. To position Cape Town as a global street art hub
  2. To showcase local talent and culture on an international platform
  3. To use public art to create social change and cohesion
  4. Create awareness of the power of Public Art

Be sure to check them out on FacebookInstagram and Youtube.

About Baz-Art

Exciting graffiti, street art and contemporary urban art festivals are blossoming all around the world. The founders of Baz-Art recognised that despite the incredible talent pool, Africa did not have a flagship international event that gave artists the opportunity to express and showcase their skills. Baz-Art seized the opportunity of collaborating with the IPAF community and initiated the first IPAF in Salt River in February 2017. Baz-Art is also collaborating with the Mexico and Vancouver Public Art Festivals, which focus on exchanging ideas and projects.

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