New Way of Eating Lunch at Work is Also Good for Business

Cape Town, 20 January 2017: A new lunch revolution is about to take a grip on Cape Town businesses. Imagine having dishes such as Parmesan chicken fingers on green beans and roasted baby tomato served on basil infused zucchini noodles; or Beef and parsley mini koftas on a colourful quinoa and veggie tabbouleh drizzled with mint and lemon yoghurt delivered straight to your desk every day. Ranging in price from R45 to R69, the Woodstock deli FOODwelove has now created a range of affordable meals that are not only delicious but also balanced, healthy and free from preservatives, artificial additives and refined sugar. All meals are produced fresh daily.

FOODwelove is not only spearheading a fabulously enjoyable way of eating lunch in the office, but it is also appealing to contemporary Cape Town based businesses who see the value in having happy, healthy staff. Using only high quality, locally sourced ingredients, the ever-evolving FOODwelove menu changes weekly and ensures all palates are catered for – from calorie counters to vegans, from chicken fans to carb loaders.

Cape Town businesses that sign up to the FOODwelove office lunch delivery service can either pay for the lunches in full, subsidise the meals or simply promote the service to their employees; either way, it is in a company’s interest to look at options that can help boost productivity and happiness in the office. Eating a balanced, healthy and deliciously nutritious meal in the middle of the day not only satisfies hunger but also reduces stress levels and promotes brain nourishment, increased performance, and even inter-office connection and sociability because, as all the food is delivered at the same time, people can sit down and eat together.


FOODwelove lunches range in price from R45 to R69 and are delivered daily to offices before 12.30pm. All orders need to be placed by 11.30am on the Friday before. To give you an idea of a daily menu, see the four dishes listed below.

• Healthy lunch box (HLB) available as low carb version as well: Rainbow Buddah Box with roasted butternut, crunchy cabbage, grilled broccoli and yellow pepper, served on steamed buckwheat and topped with pan fried chicken and avocado dressing

• Comfort Classic (CC): Hawaiian sweet potato – tuna burger topped with grilled pineapple, homemade coriander yoghurt sauce, rocket and served with a colourful rice salad

• Vegan (V): Black bean and chickpea fritters served on roasted Ratatouille veggies and whole-wheat penne pasta, topped with sundried tomato pesto and basil

• Light Lunch (LL): Paleo baked avocado egg served on couscous with roasted pumpkin and rocket


1) Having ran two fitness studios together for four years and their immense passion for healthy-eating and healthy-living made the creation of FOODwelove in 2015 the perfect next step for Christina Thomas and Stephanie Schwatlo. Their combined skills in project management, cooking in professional kitchens and large scale catering over the years ensures the FOODwelove office lunch service to always be well-presented, delicious, nutritious and efficient.

2) FOODwelove caters to the public too. If you are tired of that same old cheese sandwich and keen for some fresh, daily changing salads and menus, pop into the FOODwelove Deli (located at the Palms Décor & Lifestyle Centre, Woodstock) for breakfast, lunch or just a delicious cup of coffee.



Issued on behalf of FOODwelove