International Public Art Festival Launches Theme for 2019

The third International Public Art Festival (IPAF) takes place in Salt River, Cape Town from 09-17 February 2019 under this year’s theme of “GENERATION NEXT: EDUCATE, COLLABORATE, EMPOWER.”

An initiative by NGO BAZ-ART, this unique event gives both local and international artists the opportunity to showcase their art and messages around a specific theme and upon a global platform.   Around 20 artists, 50% of whom are international, will create artworks on walls and in public spaces in Salt River for communities, the public, businesses and visitors to enjoy and appreciate.  IPAF connects international and local artists and communities in a meaningful and interactive way.

Attendance is free.

The 2019 theme represents a focus on the future and the responsibility of present and successive generations to create a better world for all. In this spirit, the IPAF 2019 festival in Cape Town will again harness the immense power of public art to engage individuals, communities, businesses and others around the theme and help promote collective responsibility for one another and the well-being of the planet.  Organiser of the IPAF, BAZ-ART, believes strongly that educating present and future generations, promoting dialogue and collaboration and empowering individuals and communities through public art can help promote positive change and attitudes.

In today’s fast paced world, the power of visual media is increasingly playing an important role in grabbing public attention and often provides a critical access point of information and reflection. Recognising this, the artists participating in IPAF 2019 will use walls and public spaces to visually reinforce messages around the theme for their bold, large, colourful and insightful artworks.

There will be guided tours and workshops and members of the public will be able to see local and international artists in action as they produce their works.


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About Baz-Art

Exciting graffiti, street art and contemporary urban art festivals are blossoming all around the world.  The founders of Baz-Art recognised that despite the incredible talent pool, Africa did not have a flagship international event that gave artists the opportunity to express and showcase their skills.  Baz-Art seized the opportunity of collaborating with the IPAF community and initiated the first IPAF in Salt River in February 2017.  Baz-Art is also collaborating with the Mexico and Vancouver Public Art Festivals, which focus on exchanging ideas and projects.

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IPAF 2018: Artist: ROA & Photographer: Oliver Petrie


IPAF 2018: Artist: Jared Aufrichtig & Photographer: Oliver Petrie
Sponsors for the 2019 International Public Art Festival are:
Flanders Southern Africa
XO Events
Paintsmiths Group
I Support Street Art
Ekse Lens
The City of Cape Town