Crystal Lagoons to Boost Nigeria Tourism with New Revolutionary Concept

After the recent announcement of a new revolutionary concept by Crystal Lagoons®, Public Access Lagoons (PAL), the company is now about to sign up Africa’s first PAL in Nigeria where that company has identified that an initiative of this kind will unlock huge revenue potential.  Africa’s first public access lagoon is planned to be Federal Capital Territory.  Both the Minister of Information and Culture and the Director General of the Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation in Nigeria have realised that Public Access Lagoons are a key differentiator for Nigerian tourism in terms of creating new forms of revenue generation as they seek to retain outbound foreign currency and promote a greater contribution to Nigeria’s GDP from the domestic tourism sector.

The World Travel and Tourism Council estimates that in 2016 alone, Nigerian travellers spent US$1.4-billion abroad. Through the unique concept and technology of Crystal Lagoons®, the Nigerian authorities now have a solution to reverse this outflow of currency.

Discussions for this first Nigerian PAL are underway with plans to begin construction in the last quarter of 2018, representing a total investment of up to US$10-million.  Crystal Lagoons® is also working with the Nigerian government in identifying and assessing other key sites for developing and operating multiple Public Access Lagoons for development as soon as possible.

Nigeria’s tourism opportunity

With a proposed 3.1 hectare PAL, it is estimated that this would attract over 240 000 visitors a year.  The social and leisure benefits of having an idyllic beach lifestyle that is open to the public are numerous. Along with new sources of income, the opportunities for generating employment around the establishment of a Crystal Lagoons public access lagoon are numerous, both directly and indirectly.

Alastair Sinclair, Crystal Lagoons® Regional Director for Africa says:  “Plans are progressing well and what’s particularly encouraging is how Nigeria’s tourism department sees the benefit of creating beautiful venues around water where people can spend their leisure time.  Currently, stats show Nigerians travel further afield to enjoy water activities and this is why a public access lagoon that generates revenue would be so attractive for the country´s economy. We have seen that within the country’s theme parks, the water attractions are not only the most popular but are also the biggest revenue drivers.  And yet more exciting is that this state-of-the-art development could set the scene for more public access lagoons in other parts of Nigeria and also Africa. Not only does this concept provide employment, it unlocks a whole new array of revenue generating activities while contributing to the activation of services related to the tourism sector”.

The Positive Plan

The Federal Government’s Economic Recovery and Growth Plan has ambitious goals in place to turn Nigeria into one of the major tourism destinations in Africa. This plan will possibly increase the number of visitors to Nigeria by 10% a year, help conserve foreign exchange and increase the volume of domestic tourism.  Sinclair adds: “We are currently evaluating a partnership with the Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation´s “Tour Nigeria” brand. This partnership seeks to promote Nigeria as a tourism destination, and give its own citizens new options for domestic tourism.”

About Crystal Lagoons®:

Crystal Lagoons® are sustainably and environmentally attractive as any kind of water can be used: fresh, salt, or brackish because its technology provides a sustainable solution for the efficient use of water resources. Also, a consumption of only 2% of energy is used compared to the conventional swimming pools.

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